For those who don’t know, retailers in the United States lose around $17 billion each year to shoplifters. This is according to a National Retail Federation Survey. Though almost every retailer should expect a couple of losses because of theft, here are a couple of tips that you can follow to help convict, prevent, and deter shoplifters.  


Aside from installing high-quality security cameras, here are several ways to improve your retail store’s security. 

Have Procedures for Checking the Cash Register 

Obviously, your cash register may be a target for unscrupulous burglars who enter your retail store. This should not be a surprise. You can lower the risk of it becoming a target if you create simple procedures regarding securing and monitoring your cash register.  

Train Your Workers to be Hands-on with Suspicious People 

It can be difficult for your workers to take action, even if one of them sees a person shoplifting. They might not want to interfere because the store can lose a loyal client if they are wrong. In addition to that, they may fear a potentially physical or verbally abusive confrontation. Catching the person before they shoplift is the only option you have if stopping them after they’ve done the deed is almost impossible. All you’ve got to do is train your workers.  

Whenever you train them, you should let them understand the chances of shoplifters and teach them what to do if they find any suspicious person who enters the store.  

Get Rid of Blind Spots in Your Store 

If your retail store has a lot of blind spots, it can be difficult to prevent theft. For those who don’t know, blind spots are spots that are secluded from the view of the workers. There’s a high possibility that your workers won’t see the crime in action. Also, you cannot ensure that the theft will be visible from a security camera.  

Establishing a retail store that enables your workers to easily monitor shoppers from the register should be your objective. Aside from that, you will have to ensure you don’t have spots where your clients are surrounded by displays, walls or shelves on more than 2 sides. Possible shoplifters will feel less at ease stealing from your shop if you do these things. They will probably look for another target.  

Hire Excellent Client Service 

Obviously, offering excellent client service is vital when it comes to making your clients feel welcome. However, it could also be a great technique to use to prevent theft. The objective of a thief is to go unobserved. They usually ensure that they are not being monitored. However, whenever your workers greet them with a hello and a smile, they’ll feel less confident in the crime they’re going to commit. You can make your loyal clients feel taken care of and appreciated if you establish amazing client service standards. You can also deter possible shoplifters with this.  

These are just some of the ways that you can follow to keep your retail store secure. Of course, the most effective method is to install security systems.